Thursday, May 15, 2008


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This is the perfect week to commute by bike
Get out of your car, saddle up and bike to work this Thursday, May 15th, for the Bay Area's official Bike to Work Day. Specialized Bicycles will celebrate with a pancake breakfast for all employees that ride to the office, followed by our annual Share the Road Ride through downtown Morgan Hill to encourage safe riding and driving and goodwill between motorists and bicyclists.

According to Census data, approximately 30,000 to 40,000 Bay Area residents ride bicycles as their primary form of transportation, and event organizers expect 50,000 to 100,000 participants on this Thursday’s Bike to Work Day. More than a million Bay Area residents live within five miles of their workplace, making them ideal candidates for commuting by bike; just one less car on the road means cleaner air for everyone, less traffic congestion and freedom from at-the-pump prices.

“It's a tradition at Specialized that on Bike to Work Day, there are no cars in our parking lot," says company President and Founder Mike Sinyard. “Any car that I see in the lot on Thursday morning will be towed for certain. The goal is 100% participation for the company to ride in.”

At Specialized, every day is Bike to Work Day. We ride for fitness, fun and sport on a daily basis. The company’s Specialized Commute Club, which helps employees earn cash when they ride or carpool to work, has offset over 23 tons of CO² emissions since the Club formed in 2006. During Earth Day this year, the company added an office fleet of Specialized Globe bicycles for employees’ short trips around town to help reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Specialized Bicycles, founded in Morgan Hill, California in 1974, is a company filled with passionate cyclists dedicated to creating the most innovative bikes and equipment for all types of riding. Specialized has a proven commitment to global cycling advocacy and environmental consciousness, including their annual Bike to Work Day Challenge, Recycle-a-Tire Project (over 8 tons of bicycle tires recycled to date) and Specialized employee Commute Club.

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