Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 R ( Raya Ride Rage)

3 days after Edil Fitri, some of us cannot tahan, and plan to ride. And it happens to be on the fourth day of the edil fitri, 6 of us make a ride after a long break. Starting from my house ( Me, Cg man, Cg Amri, Mr Sham "Jamis" and Cg Asri, we ride to TiTi Chai, where cg Jan waiting to join us, From there we cruise on the freeway to Ulu Pauh (12km). And Cg Amri is starting to slowing down due to noneride session for a month.

Waiting for him at Arau junction to recover about 5 minutes. We continue and Cg Man and Sham make a breakaway, dammed they are so fast, cannot catchup at a speed of 34km/h. Cg Amri as usual got left behind. I had to wait for him and cg jan start to chase sham and cg man.


We stopped at pekan Pauh as cg amri didn't have a breakfast yet. Its now about 21km of ride. Since then no more stopping were allowed, so we ride from Pekan Pauh straight to Ulu Pauh and turn left at KM 17 to Felda Chuping and there's a climb there where i need to turn back for cg amri, and climb again to chase the others.

After the hill we ride under the 1100hrs sun through the sugar cane what a ride. From the plantation we arrive at Batu Bertangkup and from there straight back to Kangar where we start. All together is 68km of ride. Awesome ride. Its about 1300hrs when we arrive at my house.

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