Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RIDE OF THE YEAR (going to be !!)
Ref: maps above

Stage 1: Kangar - Sintok - Pdg Terap - Baling (172km)
Stage 2: Baling - Gerik - Tasik Banding (103km climbing)
Stage 3: Tasik Banding - Perkampungan KESEDAR, Jln Sg Sam, Dabong (126km)
Stage 4: Kpg KESEDAR - Gua Musang (63.7km) Rest Ride
Stage 5: Gua Musang - Kuala Lipis (104km)
Stage 6: Kuala Lipis - Jerantut - Maran (136km)
Stage 7: Maran - Gambang - Pekan (106km)
Stage 8: Pekan - Rompin - Endau - Mersing (149km)
Stage 9: Mersing - Kota Tinggi (91.9km)
Stage 10: Mersing - Kota Tinggi (40.30km) Rest Ride

This packing list is definitive. It has been proven on many trips. Every item is essential even if it may look marginal. I never carry cooking gear, you may choose to. Travelling with as little weight as possible is essential. The list adds up to about 11 kg, plus 1.5 kg for the optional tent. The clothes list requires a laundromat about once a week. It includes one non-bicycle outfit. The list also assumes that you, like me, prefer to stay in campgrounds (avoid those without hot showers) or hostels.

* Bicycle

o Pedals (I unscrew them when shipping the bicycle)
o Saddle (ditto)
o Pump
o 2 inner tubes
o 1 foldable tire
o 2 plastic tire levers
o Patch kit (make sure the glue hasn't dried up)
o Allen wrenches (4/5/6 mm; 7 mm for older and 8 mm for newer Campagnolo cranks)
o 15 mm cone wrench
o Chain tool
o Spoke wrench
o Cassette tool to unscrew cogs
o Spare spokes, two of each length
o Spare brake and shift cables
o Lock (key type, not combination; not a simple cable)
o LED rear light with fresh batteries
o Swiss army knife (of course)
o Narrow duct tape
o Cable ties
o Helmet
o Spare Allen screws and washers for the rack
o Chain lube
o 2 large (0.7 liter) water bottles
o First aid (desinfectant, band aids, something against skin irritation)

* Luggage and personal

o Sleeping bag (water repellant, inside flap over zippers, black on the outside, lightweight, as small as possible)
o Sleeping bag container bag, stuff with clothes at night to make pillow
o Sleeping pad (full-length therm-a-rest is best by far)
o 5 textile straps, 1.5 meters each, with locks to secure bags and to string them together to make a clothesline between trees
o Rear panniers (reducing baggage is better than front panniers too)
o Waterproof Bag (Ortlieb) that holds everything at night and sleeping bag while riding
o Waist pouch for camera, wallet, keys, maps
o Lightweight personal tent and lightweight aluminum stakes (not steel wire stakes), not required in some areas
o Hand-wash detergent
o Two small towels are better than one large towel
o Tooth brush, tooth paste
o Sunscreen lotion
o Battery shaver with cable and power outlet adapter
o Soap bar in a plastic container, shampoo
o Small roll of toilet paper
o Padlock for campground and hostel lockers
o Earplugs for sleeping in hostels (you and the guy who snored will be the only ones who got some sleep)

* Clothing

o Walking shoes or sandals
o Riding shoes with cleats
o 3 padded bicycle shorts
o Unpadded long bicycle pants
o Water-repellent long-sleeved jersey
o Water-tight raincoat (preferrably Goretex)
o 2 jerseys (sleeved or sleeveless depending on area)
o 2 T shirts (one for sleeping in and one for non-bicycle activities)
o 7 pairs of socks, not too thick, short
o 1 pair of tight-woven wool outer socks for extremely cold areas
o Non-bicycle long and/or short cotton pants plus underwear
o Warm fleece jacket
o Bicycle gloves
o Bicycle sunglasses

* Documents

o Maps (see below)
o Cash, including small bills and coins (USA: quarters)
o Traveller's checks in small denominations ($20)
o Credit card (Eurocard/Mastercard is best, Visa and American Express are ok, avoid anything else)
o Eurocheque card or ATM card valid in the country (if you have one, traveller's checks are optional), make sure there is enough money in the account. Avoid using your credit card for ATM withdrawals, the fees can be staggering.
o Retractable ball-point pen
o Passport or European ID card as required (with picture), visa
o IYH youth hostel membership card (if you don't have one, get one!)
o Proof of health insurance
o Travels into the USA: hotel address (see below)

* Miscellaneous

o Small automatic camera, film for the entire trip
o Knife, fork, spoon
o Plastic bags for storing things waterproof
o Lighter
o Small flashlight or detachable bicycle battery headlight

By Thomas Driemeyer.


How to pack and unpack your bicycle for your next flight from John Telleman on Vimeo.

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