Monday, October 19, 2009

Pan Cakayan Non Songkhla

Hello everybody MTBikers all over the world. Its been sometimes for me to write something about our ride. As we know on the 17th of October 2009 there's two ride being organized in Perlis. Its a KPLR ( for those who have guts) organise by TRM, PSMTBC etc. and a tiny event call "Pan Cakayan Non Songkhla" not an organize event but more to gathering with friends and ride up north to Songkhla. Our ride started at the old Mosque of Padang Besar where we can park our car for a RM5.00 per 24 hours rate.

As Usual A photo Session before start pedaling

Frm left: Cha, Cha's Friend, Khairul, Ki, Tiong, Veyron, Mr. Ron, Cg Man and Eddy. I take the photo

Pan Cakayan Non Songkhla (its a thailand word, Ride a bike Sleep in Songkhla)

At the Padang Besar Imigration Complex(Thailand side)

A thousands smile as I ride 4 my own pleasure

The heat is getting warmer, and the speed is getting faster and faster

Veyron (closest) and Cg Man at Chekkar Restaurant in Haadyai having their Lunch. We arrive in Haadyai at 1121 hrs inabout 2 hrs 30 minute of ride (57km)

Sorry to all visitors and friens, i don't have any photo snapped while we toured in Songkhla town. But nothing happens there.

Arriving in Songkhla, in about 40 minutes ride from Haadyai we check in in a LAKE IN HOTEL (7' 11'32.36"N 100' 35'25.32"E) 490Baht per night. Clean room, air condition, nice view, TV etc.

Need to change to a slick tires since mines are 3 years of used and lot of crack here and there. MR Tong doing what he is good at.

LAKE IN which you can bring the bike into the room

This is a photo of me in the morning after breakfast and we are ready to make a ride home through Songkhla Lakeand straight home. Today ride will be 92km of Fun, Sun, and Heat.

My new slick hahahaha

On the way back through Tinsulanonda Bridge

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