Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wheels vs Shoes and Pedals

Normally I would suggest that the best thing to do would be to buy new wheels, as lighter wheels will make a big difference to how your bikes performance. But unless your wheels are worn out I would say they are a good set for every day training and could be raced on.
The difference a new pair of shoes could make depends on the shoes you have, if they are worn and not as stiff as they used to be then if you buy a pair of carbon soled shoes you will notice that more of your strength will pass through the pedals and out onto the road via your pedals.
Now the pedals; you have Shimano spd’s, are they small plate style? If so then you would notice a difference if you had the larger shoe plate style of plates and pedals as this spreads the load and gives a better platform on the sole.
Look Pedals
As I mentioned previously a new set of wheels could help the feel and performance of your bike, any weight saved from the wheels makes a big difference as rolling weight is most obviously noticeable saving you can make.
How old are your wheels? Give them a check over, if the rims don’t feel worn and are still true (straight and round), the spokes are in good condition and the bearings are still smooth and not loose, if all is OK then it’s not time to replace them yet and you should spend your money on shoes and pedals.
Of course your next big problem will be deciding which shoes and pedals to buy!
Shimano Wheels

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