Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to become a better climber..

I am a quite new on the road bike. I am using Giant TCR series.
I want to be better at climbing. What should I do for the training?
Hi Rasiman,
Good to see you’re getting out on your road bike!
There is really only one way to improve your climbing, or any other part of your cycling and that is to practice it. All climbing needs power and the only way to get more power is by climbing hills whilst sat down in as big a gear as you can handle. You need to use a heart rate monitor so that you know that you are riding at your maximum. Obviously a power meter would give you a better guide to your improvements in output.
Pick a medium hard climb and after a good warm-up then ride as hard as you can up the hill, repeat the interval until you’re too tired or that your pulse has gone too high, then it’s time to go home. It’s a good idea to take someone with you in case you go into the red zone and try too hard and might need someone to help you. Your friend might also be able to time you and tell if you have slowed down and getting tired.
Ride hard and you will improve your climbing and everything else as power is the base of all performance, it maybe solo riding, climbing or sprinting.
Train hard and rest hard!

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