Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Q & A of MTB Vs RB

I have a Gary Fisher MAMBA, riding at a 12.5 MPH, Do you think, by buying a ROAD BIKE (F75 FELT) my speed and overall performance will improve?
Basically the answer will be yes, but dependent on a couple of things.
If you intend to ride off-road or on rough paths then I would suggest to stick with the mountain bike. If you will be riding on normal roads then you will probably notice quite a difference between the two bikes, by why?
I would say the main difference would be your position on the bike as you are more aerodynamic and have more positions to place your hands which help when climbing, descending and riding hard.
Gary Fisher Mamba
The narrower tires also make a big difference with how fast the bike will go, if you use off-road knobbly tires on your MTB then the change to smooth tires is very noticeable. The wheels will probably be thinner and lighter than the ones you are used too on your MTB, which will feel much livelier.
Your Gary Fisher has front fork suspension and disk brakes, so there will be a weight saving between the two bikes which will be most noticeable when climbing. The Felt F75 is an alloy frame with carbon forks and built up with mostly Shimano 105 components, a very well designed and built bike that will perform well in any circumstance.
So, there you have it, if you want higher speed and better performance change form an MTB to a road bike, if you are riding on the road that is.
Felt F75

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