Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boardman Hybrid Team

Lately, I must confess, I became much more curious about urban, fitness bikes than I was before. I love road bikes and for me urban bikes lacked the power and the finesse of their road cousins. Having recently reviewed the Giant Rapid and being impressed I decided to look for other urban/fitness bikes to try. My search led me to the Boardman Hybrid series and after a careful investigation I decided to give a try to the Hybrid Team instead of the Hybrid Pro.
Boardman has always made an impression of being able to create great bikes with reasonable prices and this was the main reason I chose the Team instead of the Pro, the Team gives a lot for its price.
The Hybrid Team is a wonder to ride. It’s great for road and out-road riding, it’s light and handling is superb. Those looking for a fitness bike will find in the Hybrid Team a very good and reliable friend because it will invite its rider to go faster, making him sweat, lose weight and achieve peak physical condition must quicker. It is also a very nice bike to ride in the traffic because it is fast, light and agile, responding very well to any command making turning and dodging a very natural thing. 
Because in a traffic environment stopping is very important the Hybrid Team uses the Avid Juicy 3 breaks which are very reliable and powerful and will give the rider much more confidence on the road. The bike is also very comfortable and will make longer rides much more fun and easier.
This is a very good solid bike. Those who are looking for a bike to use in an urban environment or for fitness should definitely have the Boardman Hybrid Team on the top of their list.

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