Monday, November 3, 2008

Khao Nam Khang - Joy Ride

2 November 2008. Its a 6 hours of heaven and hell ride.

Its a quiet Sunday morning at the meeting point, Bukit Kayu Hitam (Malaysian /Thai Border town). In a minute at 7.30am a group of mountain bikers were there setting, loading, assemble etc their bikes and gears for a BANDIT RIDE. Its a 91 KM of ride on a hilly border road heading to the Communist Party of Malaya history basecamp (being left for 50 years)the location is 6'34'27.21"N and 100'34'31.50"E. The ride was so awsome, heyyy there's a lot of angry dog all the way. As we ride so fast that they can't get to us...heheh. okay our average speed was 21km/h. Its a tarmac ride no ofroad but there was no ending hilly road on the way to the KNK. But on theway back we take other road which head to Sadao town. From Sadao just a recovery ride back to Bukit Kayu hitam.

Aweks komunih (sblm tu dok juai sayoq di Baling)

One more riders with attitude . Mr Man Ali assembling his bike

Mr Pom our helpful guide which ride along with us

As usual...a photo session before The Ride

The Morning sun which make the ride greater.

The last climb before the Khao Nam Khang Tunnel. Its a real 2km climb at 28 degree

Mr Ramly SP, a rider with the attitude..salute you bro.

Welcoming Sign Board at the Entrance Junction

Sham and me at the Tunnel Level Three Entrance

Me and The Communist Party of Malaya Replica

Lunch at 4.30 pm at Sadao Town

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