Monday, December 15, 2008


This is a ride i have been planned for 3 days. Heh heh. Songkhla is my Destination

BE PREPARED BEFORE A RIDE - Night before the ride, i am 100% ready

Photo Session before start pedalling in front of my house. Thanks to my son for the photo shoot

First border to cross - Perlis - Kedah

We have to "Q" for passport processing at Dannok International Border. This mean it is safe to travel to Thailand.

First stop of the ride, 55 km still looking good in his face

Met Mr Fikri, Cg Man, and Mr Non on their way back from Khlong Ngae. Have some chit chat there and continue the ride. (Mr Fikri,Mr Man, Mr Amri, Mr Sham, Mr Eddy, Mr Chekhero also wait for us at Wang Kelian upon our arrival) Thanks for your support guys...

14 km to target, our ride now is about 121 km from Kangar

Yessss...its a success ride on our first 8 hrs ride

a celebration drink... its a Green more in Malaysia

As always do, we need a room or hotel which allowed us to bring the bike into the room. Which there is no such services in a 5 star hotel. This is a Baht 350 Motel. Air Condition, big bed, clean toilet, hot water etc....what else do we need. Welcome to Thailand

Morning happy faces for a long ride home, its around 0730hrs local time. Today we are heading a 170 km ride. ETA 9 hrs from now

an open Ferry from Cape Songkhla to Koh Yo Island. Take a 5 minute cruise

The Bridges of connecting Island in the Songkhla Lake

Annas as usual looking for fluids and something to eat all the way from Songkhla

Please tell me is it Hatyai Mosque ? I am proud of it. Hope to had a Friday pray here some day.

Just guessing which one is your distance. Always read the one heading you and the lowest is the last town in that route...I guess

110 % concentration given by Mr Annas

a little bit show off...not a downhill but totally flat with wind from behind

Patthalung or Satun ...same distance

The exhausting face of JONZ...

Annas, as always looking for fluid, and he found his favourite at Rattha Pom,65 km after Songkhla.

From here we need to ride for another 100 km to my home

Mr Annas resting before a climb to the Malaysia-Thai Border call "Wang Kelian"

Having lunch at Wang kelian Border town after crossing into Malaysia.We need this because after there is a 3 km extreme climb before heading a flat road home.


My bike at the peak of the last climb and waiting for annas to arrive here

Home at last with a little 304.21 km in two days and 14 hrs total ride

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