Monday, December 7, 2009

A Visit from Satun Bike Group

Sunday 6 Disember 2009 we received a visit from The Satun MTB Group and Tarutao MTB Group Thailand. They ride from Satun 41km and arrived at the border of Malaysia and Thailand " Wang Kelian" at around 0830hrs. It was 25 of them from 17 years to 64 years old. And from Perlis Rider's we gathered at Kangar Technical School at around 0700 hrs and about 26 of us showed up. The meeting was at 0900 hrs at Wang Kelian and it seems to be a very warm welcome from us to Satun MTB and Tarutao. Then we started to pedal at 0930hrs where the first hurdle is the  933 foot climb and the rest of the ride was only flat and the mighty sun. We have our lunch at Bukit Air Recreational center. Thank you for the lunch who ever contributed it to us. After lunch we headed to Kangar to end our ride.
Thank you to the Satun MTB Group, Perlis MTB for allowing me to ride with you all.

As usual a Photo Session before the Big Ride.

 Mr Chan NXT with a smile (hat ni pun boleh ambik juga)

Back of the Peloton " the cameraman have to overtake the Peloton for the next photo"

The "Peloton" before a breakaway to get a "Polka Dot Jersey"

Its a Hot Day even for Pink Team ..

The pick-up driver with Tarutao Bikers

Mr Chan NXT pun ada ..TQ TQ TQ (boleh ambik gambar ni)

From left : Pak Led, Pek Yooi and Friends

 Mr Shahril the Helping hand most of the time

 Makan Time
Lunch pack being serve to everybody

 This is what we are good at !!

The power of success

For the Photo "Kangar 0 KM"


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